TFIF Flashback Friday—I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

TFIF Flashback Friday—I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

flashback tiffany

“Children behave!” That’s what Tiffany should have requested of the throngs of denim-clad fans finding their dreams realized in the heart of Any Mall, USA, circa 1987.

Lucky listeners made it to the small screen as part of Tiffany’s mall-themed video for her remake of Tommy James and the Shondells’ classic, I Think We’re Alone Now.

The song was a hit, no matter who covered it, and Tiffany did her generation a favor by introducing it the 80s way in her music video.

TFIF Flashback! Safety Dance By Men Without Hats

Which, by the way, looked like it was shot by her uncle.

Budget anyone?

Oh yes, the big hair stiff with ozone-depleting aerosol hairspray, denim upon stonewashed denim.

Jeans tucked into socks shoved into sparkly canvas sneakers. These were the staples of any teen’s wardrobe and Tiffany helped make this sorry look OK.

Heck, she was singing at a mall where people could go buy this crap for $10!

TFIF Flashback Friday—Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul

Of course, like any cheesy music video, the scenes go back and forth to various storylines.

Naturally, the mall was center stage, but we get to see the obligatory beach view, a train station moment, a car ride with hair (sort of, you know, the hairspray) blowing in the wind, a breakdancing segue, a few studio sessions, and what I think was a New Kids on the Block member’s cameo… looked like Jonathan Knight was into Tiffany, until he went for something more like “Timmy” a few years later.

The video comes to a final scene where rabid fans show off their autographed posters of Tiffany (at the mall, needless to say) and we see the fun-loving Tiffany riding around an airport luggage carousel.

TFIF Flashback! Vanilla Ice—Ice Ice Baby

Makes perfect sense.

If she was trying to be alone, she might have wanted to consider some less-populated venues for this video, but then again, I’m no director.

In fact, this video didn’t seem to have one either. That’s what makes it so fun to watch!

If there doesn’t seem to be anyone around you, indulge in some mild cheese and re-watch this Tiffany classic.

flashback tiffany

flashback tiffany

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