10+ Cosplay photos you can’t miss

10+ Cosplay photos you can’t miss

At Com-icon, you need to dress the part

Whether you are aware or not, a growing number of people are getting dressed up as their favorite super hero, comic book character or any other fantasy you can think of. We all love to dress up for Halloween, but these fans are so dedicated to getting the costume to look right. They want to represent the character as closely as possible to compete with other to be the best.

Most of the time, there is an event that inspires the dressing up. Com-icon has gotten huge over the past few years. People travel from all over the world to come to the San Diego convention. More of these types of gatherings will have stars from such shows as Walking Dead, Legend of Tomorrow and Dare Devil.

According to Wikipedia, “It is performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.[1] Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture and a broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costumed role-playing in venues apart from the stage. Any entity that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject and it is not unusual to see genders switched. Favorite sources include manga and anime, comic books and cartoons, video games, and live-action films and television series.”

Jokes on you

In your dreams

Wolverine will not be caged

Fall out, never

Only one with the crossbow

Scooby doo girls

Final cut

Amazingly realistic!

Save the baby from Walking Dead

Thrones are just part of the game

Rick and Morty

Never afraid to fight

Blind but has a heavy foot



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